Worley’s Cave

Half Day NC Caves Adventure

On this High Mountain Expeditions North Carolina Caves Adventure into Worley’s Cave, you will be guided into a mystical under world of extraordinary formations. This caving adventure will have you crawling through small openings, walking through underground rivers and climbing over boulders.

Worley’s Cave is considered to be a beginner/intermediate cave, so no previous experience is required; you need only the desire to enjoy yourself. A Worley’s Cave adventure is the perfect adventure for kids and adults of all ages. Boy Scout groups enjoy a fun day of mud, rocks, headlights, and wonder while exploring the cave every year as part of their adventure programs!

High Mountain Expeditions professionally trained guides will guide you through passages and allow you to explore the cave. Just like all High Mountain Expeditions adventures, the guides truly make this caving adventure special. Our guests have the unique opportunity to experience Worley’s Cave as most could only dream with the expert support of our experienced High Mountain Expeditions cave guides.

9:50 AM Check in at High Mountain Expeditions Banner Elk outpost, located at Ski Country Sports

9:55 Complete Liability and Acknowledgement of Risk Release Waiver

10:00 Load vehicles and depart for Worley’s Cave

10:55 Arrive at High Mountain Expeditions Worley’s Cave trailhead

11:00 Guests are issued all the necessary professional spelunking equipment

11:10 Final equipment check and detailed safety and cave orientation speech

11:20 Begin short hike to the mouth of Worley’s Cave

11:30 Learn proper cave etiquette before entering cave

11:35 Begin your Worley’s Cave adventure

2:35 PM After exploring the cave arrive back at the cave entrance

2:45 Arrive back at High Mountain Expeditions vehicle

2:50 Change clothes and celebrate your successful adventure

3:00 Load vehicles and depart for Banner Elk

3:45 Arrive back at High Mountain Expeditions Banner Elk outpost, Ski Country Sports

3:50 Meet and greet with your guides

*Note: This itinerary is provided as a sample. Actual times and activities are subject to change as a result of weather conditions and guest preferences.

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Half Day NC Caves Adventure

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