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The Marketing Department at High Mountain Expeditions can provide you background story information, interviews with professionally trained guides and complete access to all the adventure activities that High Mountain Expeditions has to offer. We can help writers build stories from unique angles that are sure to captivate the minds of your readers. We have worked with film crews from across the country helping them achieve the perfect shots. High Mountain Expeditions operates in some of the most beautiful wilderness in the world, let us help you share these magnificent places. Consider High Mountain Expeditions when you are looking to tell stories about mountain adventures, family vacations, the travel industry of both North Carolina and Tennessee, adventure sports and much more.

High Mountain Expeditions can provide you with images, video and logos that will make your stories more captivating. We are one of the original and most respected outfitters in the country and can provide a unique and captivating perspective to your stories. If you are in need of RAW High Definition photography files please contact the High Mountain Expeditions Marketing Department at

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