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Canoe and Kayak Rentals

New River Canoe and Kayak Rentals

The ancient New River really seems to have it all: gorgeous Appalachian river gorge scenery, easy floating on this gentle section of the New, and warm, clear waters that practically beg you to jump in to cool off in the summer time. The New River is one of the oldest rivers in world. It flows north, from its headwaters in North Carolina downstream into West Virginia and beyond.  High Mountain Expeditions offers the unique opportunity to paddle this pure, clear, free flowing river. Water temperatures are inviting and offer relief from the hot summer sun.

What is the Canoe and Kayak Rental Trip on the New River Like?

You’ll pick out your rental canoe or kayak (or a mix of boats with a group!) and get a safety talk and instruction on paddling your boat.  On this section of the New River as it flows outside of Boone, the depth of the water ranges from 2 feet to as deep as 8 feet with gently moving Class 1 and 2 water that is comfortable to novice paddlers to navigate and have a lot of fun. Our new canoe and kayak rentals are designed to serve kids, parents and grandparents of nearly any age – making this the perfect outing for families and multi-generational groups.

After you get your gear and rental canoe or kayak, and complete your safety talk and navigation instruction, you will take our High Mountain Expeditions shuttle to the canoe and kayak rental put-in for your paddling trip. Your shuttle driver will be pointing out the river and landmarks as you drive up to the put-in on the road that follows the New River.  You’ll love that you can see the New River that you’ll enjoy paddling down soon!

What Kind of Canoes and Kayaks Can I Rent?

High Mountain Expeditions offers custom tandem canoes, solo kayaks and tandem kayaks that allow you to navigate the New River comfortably. The littlest kids love to sit in the middle of the tandem canoe and enjoy the views.  Our New River Outpost, where you will pick up your boats and gear, is conveniently located only minutes from Boone, North Carolina. Our friendly and experienced staff includes canoe and kayaking guides who are eager to share their knowledge of the area with you.

Do I Need A Guide?

Canoe and Kayak rentals are unguided, you get to be the captain of your boat and enjoy your time on the river.  If you aren’t quite sure about paddling by yourself in your group, you might like to hire one of our experienced guides to join your group. They are available separately for an additional charge.

We know you’ll appreciate our comfortable and well-maintained new fleet of kayaks, canoes, PFDs and paddles. We have PFDs (personal flotation devices) for kids as young as 3 – so bring them out for an awesome time on the water. We love introducing families and friends to the wonders of paddling down rivers – so you’ve come to the right place!

Trip details

Price: $35 (Solo Kayak) $65 (Tandem Kayak) $65 (Canoe)

Trip Length: 2 to 3 Hours

Trip Mileage: 5 Miles

Classification: Calm Water

Minimum Age: 3

Begins & Ends: Outside Boone, NC

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Daily Rentals

High Mountain Expeditions Canoe and Kayak Rentals for the New River begins operations daily at 9:00AM with the last canoe and kayak rental departing no later than 3:00PM, throughout the summer season.

  • All canoe and kayak rental guests must first make a reservation before arriving at High Mountain Expeditions out-post on the New River.
  • Reservations can be made online or by calling one of our friendly adventure consultants at 1.800.262.9036.
  • Upon arriving at High Mountain Expeditions New River outpost,  we will brief guests on river safety and how to properly maneuver their canoe and kayak rental boats.
  • Guests will then be driven to High Mountain Expeditions’ New River put-in.
  • After launching your rental boats, it will take approximately 2-3 hours to float and paddle back to High Mountain Expeditions New River outpost take-out.
  • Then you get to celebrate the completion of your paddling adventure!


* Note: This itinerary is provided as a sample. Actual times and activities are subject to change as a result of weather conditions, current water flows and guest preferences.

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